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About Later That Same Life, The Film

Howdy Interwebbers! I’m Stoney (aka Peter) Emshwiller, son of artist/filmmaker Ed Emshwiller and author Carol Emshwiller. Before arm-wrestling my current mid-life crisis, I worked as a magazine editor, a novelist, stage actor, illustrator, and voiceover artist — among other random things. Jack of all artsy things, master of none.

FADE IN: blacked out attic of a Levitt House….

Back in 1977 when I was 18 years old, I interviewed my future self. Using state of the art (for its time) equipment, I recorded one side of a time-travel talk show.

I sat in a well-lit chair in a completely black studio and, like some teenaged Johnny Carson, chatted with an invisible older me. During this one-way conversation, I asked my older self tons of questions about my future – from career to family to art to sex. Then I recorded many different reactions to each possible answer, ranging from polite nods, to joy, sadness, annoyance, surprise, and outright horror.


These hours of raw footage are really cool just by themselves. My filmmaker father, Ed Emshwiller, ran the camera for me and covered the first half of this interview in various ways – with close ups, wide shots, “two shots” (but with one person), over-the-shoulder foreground shots (with no one in the background), etc.

Now I’m finally ready (gulp) to face my younger self and record the other half of the conversation. Then I’ll edit all the footage together. The final illusion should be a humorous, touching, sometimes combative, always revealing, totally impossible conversation between a bright-eyed teen and his own middle-aged self.

It could get messy….

Facts About Later That Same Life, the Film


The trailer launched on YouTube in October 2015 and went viral. Check it out here.


After the YouTube Trailer went viral, lots of news outlets picked up the story, including NPR’s ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. Check out the PRESS PAGE here.


The project won Ovation TV’s Creative Studio crowdfunding contest, raising over 300% of its initial fundraising goal.


Currently in pre-production. Production planned for early 2016.


An 18-year-old and his actual 56-year-old self have a chat in this genuine “time-travel talk show.”


In this genuine, real-life time-travel talk show, 18-year-old me and 56-year-old me have a chat. Back when I was a teenager I shot tons of footage for this project, and now, as a middle-aged man, it’s time I faced the music and recorded the other half of the conversation. I’m excited, but also scared. I’m pretty sure my teenaged self will have some issues with how I’ve lived my life (like the fact I’m not rich and famous). Hopefully me and the kid can come to an understanding by the end of the film. Should be a wild ride!


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